SEO 101: High Quality Content and Links

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Today at Work In Progress, NeONBRAND founder Kenny Eliason presented at the SEO 101 Meetup. Attendees learned how to get their websites to rank highest on Google. Kenny broke website rankings down to a nutshell. For those new to SEO, there are two key ingredients to a high ranking website: high quality content and links. The […]

Building Your Blogging Team

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Blogging is a valuable component to website content. To get a good blog going, you’ll need more than just a few writers who can crank out posts all day. For well written, scrupulously edited articles that pass the SEO bill, build your blogging team using these key tips.

Establishing Your Brand’s Voice

Establishing Your Brand's Voice

As an author for NeONBRAND, I spend the majority of my time studying trends in web content literature. The first thing I look for is a brand’s voice–or the literary tone and style that websites use to project the attitude of their company. Establishing your brand’s voice has everything to do with your audience, online reputation […]

Maintaining an Online Reputation

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In SEO, it’s important to build up an online reputation that suits your company for optimal success.  But what exactly does an ‘online reputation’ mean? An online reputation is the character of business portrayed to potential customers via the internet. Managing a business’s online reputation is important for two major reasons. First, if your online […]