Facebook Filibuster

If you’re of the opinion that social media is all play and no work, maybe it’s time to turn your attention to politics. Greg Ball, a Republican state senator from New York, is asking his constituents how to vote.

That may not be surprising, but this might; Ball is using Twitter and Facebook to gauge how New York voters feel about gay marriage. As the upcoming vote stands, New York’s senate needs the support of two more Republicans to pass the bill, so Ball’s social media move is not only relevant but –we had to say it—Ballsy.

That said, state legislation isn’t all you’ll miss out on if you’re still resisting the urge to Facebook and Tweet it up. Politics is just another industry utilizing the world’s most powerful customer relationship manager available – social media.

If politicians use it to keep up with their constituents, just think of what you can do with your customers.


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