Better Content for SEO

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With all the changes 2013 brought to SEO, the same theme runs through them all. Content is king. Better content for SEO means a few different things. Some will not have to change a thing. They may have always focused on content and those few are set. Others will be in big trouble. They worried … Continued

How to Set Up Google Webmaster Tools

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Looking to add your website to Google but not sure where to start? Google has provided a pretty awesome tool for making sure your site is indexed in the search engines, as well as providing tons of information about the health of your website in regards to your search engine rankings. What tool is that … Continued

Five Keys to Successful Content Marketing

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Is 2014 the year of content marketing for your business? If it isn’t, maybe it should be! As digital marketing continues to expand and evolve, it’s all about content. But developing a content marketing strategy that’s effective as well as adaptable can be intimidating. That’s why we’re simplifying the process for you. By integrating these … Continued

Managed WordPress Hosting – Before and After WPEngine

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As Las Vegas SEO specialists, page load speed is a metric we are constantly monitoring. We use many caching, image optimization, and minimization techniques in order to help load a website as quickly as possible. Google is paying attention to this as well, as Matt Cutts has previously stated. There are lots of ways to … Continued

How to Hack a WordPress Site

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I was working late on a client’s website a couple nights ago, when I closed out and rushed home so that I could make it in time for dinner. After an amazing dinner prepared by my wife, I pulled up my client’s website on my phone to make sure the responsive design was looking the way … Continued

All You Want for Christmas is a Good SEO Company!

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If you’re like most businesses, you’ve likely got SEO on your radar. But simply keeping up with business demands can be enough to keep you and your staff busy, while resources that can be allocated to improving your SEO may be scarce. If a good SEO company is on your Christmas list but doesn’t seem … Continued

Improve Website Visibility

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Among all the issues that face a business owner, trying to improve website visibility probably doesn’t get thought about all too often.  Even here at NeONBRAND our own website visibility is sometimes left forgotten as we’re busy working on everyone elses! Now that we’ve recognized the problem, how do we fix it? Improve Website Visibility: 2 … Continued

Why You Need SEO: Seven Reasons

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If you’re busy deciding on your holiday wishes, be sure that SEO is at the top of your list – so that your website can be at the top of some other very important lists! Search engine optimization should be a big part of your overall marketing strategy, so if you haven’t incorporated it yet, … Continued

SEO Techniques for 2016

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SEO techniques come in all different shapes and sizes, and beyond that they are constantly evolving. Through our research, the number one thing we have realized is that with Google, quality is key. If you can deliver a high-quality website with unique content, images, and design, Google will reward you accordingly. The same goes for … Continued

SEO Flow Chart

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With all good Search Engine Optimization, it’s good to have a flow chart to help direct your efforts. We tried to come up with all the work we perform on a website to help it rank better and have divided our efforts into four main focus areas. SEO Flow Chart Website Design: This is a … Continued

Three Ways to Improve Your Local Search Engine Marketing

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If it’s been awhile since you’ve assessed your local search engine marketing tactics, it may be time for a spring – er, fall – cleaning! You don’t have to be an experienced business owner to know that there’s a lot of competition out there – no matter what industry you’re in. Employing smart, innovative local … Continued

Get Some Google Love: Link Building and Content Marketing

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If you’ve ever read the jumbled, almost incoherent content that is more than obviously intended to promote a big heap of SEO keywords, you likely already know that link-building, as the means to an SEO-ranking end, doesn’t resonate too well with your core audience. This ≠ Google Love. That’s because traditional link-building focuses only on … Continued

Google Case Note Review

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Arguments can be made for Google being a one business company or a company practicing related diversification. I will discuss the reasons that suggest Google has structured both ways and then offer my personal opinion on how I think Google is structured. Google as a one business company Although Google has many different services, they … Continued

Five Easy Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Website

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We know you want to encourage more traffic to your website; our tips will help you generate traffic quickly. If you’re like a lot of business owners, you likely depend on your site to market your business, offer product and service information and notify your customers of current events or promotions. But is your website … Continued

4 Things You Can Do TODAY to Rank Better in Google

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You may be intimidated by the thought of a large, complex SEO strategy, but what are some ways you can rank better in Google today? When it comes to search engine optimization, it can be easy to get overwhelmed at the idea of creating and implementing a large and complex content strategy. But what you … Continued

Does your Web Designer Follow Current Best Practices?

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So you’ve hired a web design service, and you’re crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. But is your web designer giving you the bang that your buck deserves? In the design world, the devil is in the details, and you want to make sure that your website is keeping up with the big … Continued

Should You Do Social Media Marketing on YouTube?

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Viral Marketing. Take Gangnam Style, David at the Dentist, and even that crazy dramatic squirrel. They all give the same message: YouTube is the perfect breeding ground for viral marketing. Video works well as a marketing medium because they’re short, to-the-point, and more likely to capture your audience’s interest than text or graphics. But before … Continued

Four Ways to Reignite Your Las Vegas SEO Marketing Efforts

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You don’t have to tell us; we know that marketing your Las Vegas business can be tough. That’s because there’s a whole lot of good competition out there, and about a zillion and a half directions to take your marketing. With all of that, how do you make YOUR business stand out in Las Vegas? … Continued

Search Engine Marketing for Your Business

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So you’re a professional or business owner who knows the ins and outs of your industry. You’re good at what you do, and it shows in your products or services. But how do your customers and potential customers know that? How do they find you? Search Engine Marketing. The key to building your business’ online … Continued

5 SEO Myths You Need to Forget

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Are you still struggling in the world of search engine optimization? Well, unless you happen to be programmed to inherently understand Google’s ever-changing algorithm, you’re not alone. We see no end to good-intentioned businesses that just aren’t quite able to get the “hang” of the whole SEO thing. So if you’re not quite sure how … Continued

Elite 8 of Social Media

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With March Madness in full swing around here, we’ve decided to get in on the action by naming our own Elite Eight – of social media, that is. What makes a business socially great? How about frequent updates, relevant content, engaging posts, and creating customer involvement? We’ve nominated a few of our favorite “performers” here: … Continued

6 Biggest Social Media Mistakes Businesses Make

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You may be gung-ho to take advantage of the many marketing opportunities presented by social media. That said, many businesses end up putting the cart before the proverbial horse when implementing a social strategy. We get it; you’re excited. But social media marketing without strategy and understanding can be a waste of time and resources. … Continued