Pizza Calculator

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We host a lot of meetups (for SEO and Social Media), and we always provide pizza. Well, I was doing the math over and over and over again every time we placed an order. So I decided to make it into a simple WordPress plugin. By installing the plugin, you too can have a pizza … Continued

Your SEO New Year’s Resolutions

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Are you trying to get off the couch and exercise more? Are you finally quitting smoking? How about adding money to that stock account or 401(k)? If you’re like most of us, you’re likely reflecting on the past year and determining how you can improve in the year to come. But if you run a … Continued

All of the Top Ways to Speed Up Your WordPress Website

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After having put this whole, very long blog post together, I got to thinkin’. It would be really slick if you could track your progress here. So I built a little checkbox tracker for anyone who logs in. It actually allows you to save your progress so you don’t have to sit and do the … Continued

Auto Trash Delete

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The purpose of this plugin is to provide a way to automatically delete your trash at a certain number of days, over-riding the default 30 day limit imposed by WordPress. Fewer days in the trash results in a more optimized database. How to Install the Auto Trash Delete Plugin Method 1: Upload auto-trash-delete folder to … Continued

How to Reduce Website Bounce Rate

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Got a great home page for your business’s web site? Well, it may not matter so much to your potential customers. While we’re the first to say that image is everything in web marketing, customers may never see that brilliant intro that graces your site’s home page. Why? Social media is one of the main … Continued

Pubcon Takeaways

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Last week I had the privilege of attending one of the longest running digital marketing conferences right here in Las Vegas. Pubcon is an annual event that covers everything SEO and Social Media related. I had a great time and learned tons of really great things. We just finished our Monthly SEO Meetup and covered … Continued

How to Completely Disable a WordPress Plugin Update

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Around here we build all of our sites to handle 99.99999% of all updates that come along, including updates to the WordPress core, themes and plugins. We do that by making sure we follow a strict programming structure that will comply with those updates, like using child themes and not modifying anything in plugin files. This is … Continued

Social Media Meetup – Link Roundup!

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Today we had a great Social Media Meetup with a bunch of awesome attendees! Thanks to all who came. Here’s a little link roundup on the things we discussed: Las Vegas SEO Meetup: Don’t forget we also run the Las Vegas SEO Meetup every first Tuesday at 12:00, and there’s free pizza to boot! A … Continued

How to Setup Access to Your Social Media for a Digital Agency

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One of the things we deal with on a regular basis is getting access to Social Media accounts for businesses. There are nuances to each of the different social networks that make accomplishing such a task nearly impossible at times. The biggest goal we have when setting these things up is making sure the clients … Continued

How to Make Your $1 Photos Awesome

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In our previous posts we’ve shown you where to find affordable images and how to optimize images for the web. Now we know there are a lot of times when you want to take those awesomely optimized photos and add a bit of your own flavor to it, but let’s face it: who has time to … Continued

Death of the Stock Photo

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Or at least the ridiculously overpriced ones. You know as well as we do: a good article is only as good as the photos used to illustrate it. That’s why finding attractive, interesting and captivating photos (that don’t require taking out a second mortgage on your home) is a huge part of any effective website or content … Continued

SEO Speedwagon – Can’t Fight This Feeling

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What’s that, you haven’t heard of the SEO Speedwagon?? I was asked to speak at WordCamp Las Vegas this year and my topic covered what quick tips you can do to help rank your site as quickly as possible. So my thoughts went a little something like this… Quick -> Speed -> Speedwagon ->REO Speedwagon … Continued

SEO Tips and Tricks

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The beautiful part about search engine optimization is that the core strategies never change, those being producing high-quality content and generating high-quality links. There are tons of ways to produce low-quality content and generate low-quality links, but Google is getting better and better at detecting that garbage. Your safest investment for SEO in 2015 is your … Continued

Maintaining an Online Reputation Helps Your Local SEO

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In SEO, it’s important to build up an online reputation that suits your company for optimal success.  But what exactly does an ‘online reputation’ mean? An online reputation is the character of business portrayed to potential customers via the internet. Managing a business’s online reputation is important for two major reasons. First, if your online … Continued

Internet Users Will Surpass 3 Billion

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Back in 2010, NeONBRAND reported that the world would reach 2 billion internet users by the end of the year, according to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Now 4 years later, the ITU expects that we’ll break 3 billion by December 2014. That means 40% of the world is connecting with one another on the … Continued

2014 U.S. Search Awards Recap

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The  2014 U.S. Search Awards were held on Wednesday, October 8th during Pubcon at the Las Vegas Strip’s iconic Treasure Island Hotel. Representative judges from a number of digital marketing companies, including FMB Media and Omni Marketing Interactive, named a total 20 recipients at the biggest US Search Awards celebration yet. U.S. Search Awards Big Wins Taking … Continued

3 Grammar Sites to Put Your Blog on Top

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In the professional blogging world you can’t afford poor grammar. With major search engines like Bing implementing grammar analytics to rank blogs  amongst the good and the bad, your  blog could benefit from grammar assistance. If your blog is in desperate need of editing, there are online grammar tools that can make revising fast and … Continued

Critical Elements of a Great Brand Logo

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Many business owners think they own their brand, but in fact, that is not the case. A brand is the general public’s image of your business, and you only can hope to influence that image in a way that you want relevant consumers and potential customer in particular to think of your business. One of … Continued

Essential Components of Effective Blogging

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When it comes to creating effective blogs, many people make the mistake of producing fluff and little else, which readers won’t find engaging and in which they quickly will lose interest. If you have blogs that at most keep people looking for only a few seconds, search engine analytics will make note of the relatively short … Continued

Enforce Copyright Protections Through the DMCA

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When you produce online content for your website, blog, social media or another outlet, the moment you publish the content, you own it. Thank goodness for Copyright Protections. That ownership applies to any content posted online, whether it’s a blog post, photograph, infographic, video or another type of online post. Protecting your online content is … Continued

Relevant Content Improves SEO Link-Building

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When it comes to link-building for search engine optimization, many online marketers make the mistake of running content that has little chance of being published or that will reach only a handful of relevant readers. The most effective Web links are naturally obtained links coming from sites that have high readership levels among consumers that … Continued

Google ‘Pigeon’ Update Rewards Local Marketing

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Google is rolling out yet another (infamous) update with the aim to improve the quality and relevance of search engine results, this time directly affecting local marketing. Although Google has not formally named the newest algorithm update, the online world has dubbed it the “pigeon” algorithm update due to its focus on local SEO search results. … Continued