5 Common SEO Oversights

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Admittedly there are way more oversights than we have listed here in this post… but these are at the top of our list!

How Does SEO Work?

Reading Time: 7 minutes

What the heck is SEO? How do you get more of it? We’ve been working on SEO for a number of years now, let us try to simplify it for you.

How to Use a Backlink Checker

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Who’s linking to your website? You can’t do SEO without backlinks, and you can’t build backlinks blind. Let’s talk about how to use a backlink checker to find opportunities.

Developing WordPress with Roots Bedrock/Sage

Reading Time: 2 minutes

This is a running document that I’m maintaining as an ongoing learning process for my junior developers. Please feel free to comment and leave feedback if I can do anything better. from iTerm, navigate to your “code” folder composer create-project roots/bedrock {sitename} *{sitename} should be replaced with the folder name for the client project cd … Continued

The Kurt & Kenny Podcast Episode 6: NeONBRAND Origins

Reading Time: 3 minutes

In this 6th episode of the Kurt and Kenny Podcast, you finally get the whole story about where NeONBRAND came from, how Kurt and Kenny formed their partnership, and some of the formative moments that make us who we are today. Stay tuned at the end for some special features!

What Happens When a Website Ranks

Reading Time: 8 minutes

As your site rises through the Google rankings, you’re starting to see more traffic to your site. You might also notice some weird SEO side effects. From strange keyword rankings to outright SEO attacks against your site, here’s what to watch for.

The Kurt & Kenny Podcast Episode 4: Fakers Gonna Fake

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are a lot of excellent marketers, web developers, and SEO specialists out there. There are also a fair amount of naive newbies and disreputable types. In this episode of the Kurt and Kenny podcast, the guys share their best tips to help you tell the difference.

The Kurt & Kenny Podcast Episode 3: Fast vs Fastidious

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Software developers, artists, and even mechanics all face the same problem. If you work quickly, you lose quality. If you do the best job in the world, you take forever to deliver. Which is better? Where’s the balance? Here’s what Kurt and Kenny have to say:

My Ads Are Getting Clicks, But I’m Not Selling Anything

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Facebook’s advertising platform is one of the most efficient marketing methods available to modern businesses, but if your ads aren’t selling anything, it doesn’t do you much good. Here’s what to do when your ads are getting clicked, but noone is buying.

What Net Neutrality Might Mean for Online Businesses

Reading Time: 4 minutes

I don’t know what’s going to happen without net neutrality, but I do know how to adapt to changes in the online landscape. Here’s how to make sure your business keeps killing it online, no matter what happens.

How to add Slack to Genesis Simple Social Icons Plugin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Recently needed to add a new icon to the Genesis Simple Social Icons plugin and hadn’t ever done it before. Specifically, I was trying to add the Slack icon to the list of icons. Here’s what I figured out: Adding a New Field to the Widget – Step 1 The first step in adding a … Continued

Twitter 101: This is How We Do

Reading Time: 9 minutes

Trying to figure out this whole Twitter thing? Especially for social media marketing? Don’t worry. Here’s Twitter 101 for Marketers.