Social Media

When it comes to social media, we’re 50 percent specialists, 50 percent workhorses – and 100 percent behind your business. We provide industry-specific expertise for small and large businesses in an age when your virtual presence is every bit as crucial as the brick and mortar that comprise your store or office space.

Don’t have the budget for a social media team (or even one part-time employee)? That’s where our social media specialists can work for you. With NeONBRAND, not only do you have the expertise of a cutting-edge media agency, but you have the manpower of our own resident specialists.

By working with us, your business has a constant, relevant presence in the social media world. Each day, as many as nine experts will update your Facebook page(s), Tweet relevant information, answer questions and reply to comments, shoot and edit photos and videos, and keep your blog fresh with pertinent and original content.

Not only will we keep your fans engaged, but that content will improve your search rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other engines by using advanced SEO strategies and techniques.

When your business and your image is the bottom line, you can’t afford not to NeONBRAND.

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